Methodist Healthcare System | Keeping Well | Summer 2020

Texas Truck Alliance shows appreciation A simple “thank you” goes a long way for healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic. However, a local group of truck enthusiasts set out to make sure their thankfulness was seen and heard. On a Sunday evening, members of the Texas Truck Alliance and their loved ones converged on the Medical Center. It took nearly 20 minutes for the more than 50 trucks to line up and park outside Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children’s Hospital. As employees gathered by the windows or stepped outside to be recognized, the truck enthusiasts honked their horns, cheered and held signs of encouragement while the frontline workers looked on. It was an emotional moment for many. “We thought this was a neat, no-contact way for us to show the community’s appreciation for the hospital staff—nurses, doctors and non-clinical workers—who are tirelessly working to keep us healthy,” said Sean Amos, Texas Truck Alliance member. The show of appreciation lifted spirits and reconfirmed what Methodist caregivers always believed—they have the honor of serving a supportive and loving community. Communitymembers “park and pray” over our healthcare heroes and patients at Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak San Antonio community members found a creative and heartfelt way to show their love and support to our Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak healthcare workers and patients directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic while still respecting the social distancing guidelines. Dozens of cars filled the hospital parking lot while flashing their lights as a symbol of their respect and gratitude for our frontline workers. Some staff members were able to step outside for a brief moment while others witnessed this emotional experience through the hospital windows. The Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak team and community members came together through a teleconference call led by local ministers from ONE-San Antonio, a non- profit organization. They individually prayed over Methodist Healthcare’s doctors, nurses, non-clinical workers and patients who are bravely battling this virus. “Our desire is to honor, encourage and build them up,” said Helen Sula, one of the prayer ministers. Our healthcare heroes received prayers for strength, perseverance, wisdom, hope, healing, faith and more as they continue living out our mission of serving humanity to honor God. “It’s very sweet, and I think we all appreciate it,” said Katelyn Willett, an ER nurse. “When we are working and we are getting down, it’s nice to see people recognizing that and coming together for us.” While the public remained in their cars throughout the event, our healthcare team never felt closer to our community than after sharing that overwhelmingly special moment. “I was part of the Ebola crew for Methodist Hospital | Texsan several years ago, so I have received extra training on infectious disease processes and using personal protective equipment (PPE),” said Gudowski. “It’s not something that I fear. I believe this is why we became nurses.” Before the patient arrived, the staff reviewed every detail of the transport and care with the leadership team and the infection preventionist. They reviewed how to don and doff PPE, including the gown, mask, face shield and gloves. Gudowski said there was never a lack of support from the leaders and other staff members. They were all focused on protecting the staff and caring for the patient on her way to Methodist Hospital | Texsan. “I knew this was a stressful time for this woman, so my initial thought was to make sure she was comfortable,” said Gudowski. “I wanted to build a rapport and let her know that we would do everything we could to take care of her.” Gudowski said the team at the hospital went out of their way to get the patient a special request for dinner one night. The team went to a small market to get the brand she wanted. Gudowski said she was grateful to have something familiar while isolated from her family. “I couldn’t imagine what she was going through,” said Gudowski. “I needed to do what I could to make this scary moment in her life more bearable. It is scary seeing all these people in gowns and masks. She was very sweet and understanding of everything and the processes we had to go through. She was very grateful.” The patient was discharged from Methodist Hospital | Texsan to continue her recovery under quarantine. She was eventually cleared to return home to her family. She was the first of many patients with COVID-19 who needed care at a Methodist Healthcare facility. “I am extremely proud of our staff ’s response to this global crisis,” said Allen Harrison, President and CEO of Methodist Healthcare. “It is a privilege to witness our mission to serve humanity to honor God on full display in every hospital and see the great empathy and discretion shown by our staff.” —Continued from page 1 MethodistHospital | Texsan cared for the city’s first COVID-19 patient S U M M E R 2 0 2 0 5 K E E P I N G W E L L