Methodist Healthcare System | Keeping Well | Summer 2020

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Methodist Healthcare was ready to fuel the fight by providing comfort and care for those on the front line. Leaders and staff recognized that some employees might experience struggles at home as the pandemic evolved. The community started seeing a shortage of supplies, and leadership knew it would have an impact on staff and put a strain on their ability to provide for their families. METHODIST HOSPITAL HELPS STAFF COPE “We know our staff is working hard during this pandemic to provide for our patients; we didn’t want them to have to worry about providing for their families, too,” commented Rachel Sloan, Methodist Hospital Administrative Resident. An internal employee supply drive was organized to provide staff essential supplies. Donated items included toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, diapers, formula, and food. An outpouring of donations was collected and dispersed to over 50 families in need. Donations are still being collected in hopes of meeting the needs of many more. Grocery shopping was also made a little easier for employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Methodist Hospital launched an Employee Grocery Market Place in the cafeteria allowing front line employees to purchase staple items. Groceries offered include dairy, such as cheese, milk and butter; bread; deli meats; canned foods; toilet paper; bleach; and sanitary wipes. The makeshift market has provided convenience for employees unable to make it to grocery stores between shifts. Instead of having to wait in line at a supermarket and be exposed to more people, employees can grab what they need from the hospital’s market, check out and be on their way. Through innovation and collaboration, the Food and Nutrition team was able to work with hospital food distributors to provide the needed groceries. “We want to ensure we are doing everything for our healthcare heroes,” commented Sergio Casas, Director of Food and Nutrition Services. “It was exciting to evolve our services and provide the essentials for our staff to cope during these uncharted times. It’s a true reflection of our mission to serve and allows us to care for those that continue to care for our community.” METHODIST HOSPITAL | SPECIALTY AND TRANSPLANT STEPS UP The leaders at Methodist Hospital | Specialty and Transplant also took action to make sure staff had what they needed to reduce stress outside of work. They coordinated the donation of homemade masks and set up an in-hospital market with basic supplies for employee purchase. They also provided special bagged lunches to honor the staff ’s great work in 2019, since the hospital’s annual celebration could not take place during the pandemic. Methodist Hospital andMethodist Hospital | Specialty and Transplant provide support and supplies for staff HOMEMADE MASKS CREATED WITH LOVING CARE AND DONATED TO STAFF Several organizations donated homemade masks for Methodist Hospital | Specialty and Transplant employees to wear on their way to work, at home and while running errands. Several groups and individuals sewed by hand and prayed over each mask. ●  ● Mitchell Chang Foundation ●  ● Triumphant Lutheran Church ●  ● Good Shepherd Lutheran Church ●  ● Family and friends of employees—Patti Black, Tory Hendry and Liz Torres Methodist Hospital | Specialty and Transplant staff pose with its Thank You Healthcare Heroes sign. Each facility received a yard sign to show support and appreciation to all the healthcare heroes. CARING FOR OUR HEALTHCARE hero 6 S U M M E R 2 0 2 0 K E E P I N G W E L L