Methodist Healthcare System | Keeping Well | Summer 2021

KEEPINGWELL — SUMMER 2021 SanAntonio votesMethodist Hospital | Northeast “Best Hospital” in the 2021 YourSA Readers’ ChoiceAwards Thank you, San Antonio! We credit this award to not only our courageous, compassionate and resilient team, but also our community, who has continued to trust us to provide exceptional healthcare. With every challenge we have faced over the last year, our community has proven its invaluable support. Over the last few years, we have invested over 100 million dollars in growth initiatives. Our recent expansions and new locations give more families access to safe emergency care that is close to home. Methodist Hospital | Northeast is committed to providing compassionate and lifesaving care. Thank you for trusting us to care for all of your and your family’s health needs. Holocaust survivor continues to share her story thanks to caring staff Rose Williams, 93, is one of few Holocaust survivors still with us today. Until COVID-19 struck our nation, Rose spent much of her time travel- ing across the country, sharing her inspiring, yet heartbreaking story. On Jan. 10, Rose was taken to Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak after tripping over her oxygen cord and breaking her hip. She had a suc- cessful surgery before graduating to Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak Rehabilitation Center; however, her journey there was not easy. Rose’s insurance company assigned her to a skilled nursing facility. Considering her traumatic past and current health conditions, she and her family had serious concerns. “Being assigned skilled nursing was going to be a death sentence for her,” said Rose’s ad hoc caregiver and dear friend, Becky Hoag. After multiple denials from the insurance company, our case manag- ers, administrators and other team members stepped in and fought on Rose’s behalf. “The people at Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak advocated for her,” Becky shared. “From housekeeping to dieticians to nurses to PT to OT and all the way up to the CEO, they made a point to get to know her, to know her story.” Rose is improving with each day. “I cannot emphasize enough how much they have really helped me,” she said. “They were exceptional. If it weren’t for the rehab, I don’t think I would be in the con- dition I am in now.” Because of the great lengths this team went to ensuring she got the care she needed, Rose gets to continue telling her story. “There is no way to thank both the hospital staff and rehabilitation people, not just for kindness and compassion, but for the energy and concern they showed her,” Becky commented. “I really don’t think she would be with us today if that didn’t happen.” Because of the great lengths this team went to ensuring she got the care she needed, Rose Williams gets to keep telling her story. Good to know Call-A-Nurse for Children from Methodist Children’s Hospital 210-22-NURSE ( 210-226-8773 ) Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Weekends and major holidays. When your child has a medical need, Call- A-Nurse for Children from Methodist Children’s Hospital has specially trained pediatric nurses to assist you with medical advice concerning your child. HealthBus andWellWaldo’sWheels 210-MHS-RIDE ( 210-647-7433 ) HealthBus for adults and Well Waldo’s Wheels for children and expectant moms provide transportation from your home to your doctor’s office or hospital and then pick you up later and take you home. This service is especially helpful for adults and children with special needs that require extra transportation assistance. For information on how to schedule a ride and specific hospitals and ZIP codes served, please call 210-MHS-RIDE . Medical Advice for Adults 210-575-0355 Available 24/7