Methodist Healthcare System | Keeping Well | Winter 2023 7 KEEPINGWELL —WINTER 2023 Sibling volunteers set record at Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak For the very first time, Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak has five sets of sibling volunteers. “I’ve been working with our volunteers for more than 15 years,” said Kathy Black, Director of Administrative Services. “We have had one sibling come one summer and then another sibling the next summer, but we have never had five sets at the same time.” Kathy said that all the siblings are very good students as well as exceptional individuals. “They are interested in furthering our mission of ‘Serving Humanity to Honor God,’” she said. Most of them worked from June through August, and Kathy expects some to return during Christmas break and spring break. They provide support in many areas, from pulling expired supplies to reading to and visiting with patients to helping at the front desk. “We want them to have an experience that is educational and rewarding and to give them an opportunity to give back to the community,” said Kathy. She combines their assignments between work in areas they want to learn about and areas where she needs support. For information on volunteer opportunities at Methodist Healthcare facilities, scan the QR code or visit ex/portal.dll/ap?AP=164692205. Supriya and Sushant Ganji’s older sister, Suma, is currently doing her residency in emergency medicine in Houston. She volunteered at Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak when she was in high school, so they thought they would do the same, since they are both interested in learning more about the medical field. Supriya attends The University of Texas at San Antonio, and Sushant is at Reagan High School. Both Isabella and David Lerma are very much interested in the medical field. Isabella is at Texas A&M and David is at the International of Americas High School. David’s interest started when his mom suffered a cardiac arrest when the siblings were in elementary school. When David’s teacher suggested Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak as a place to volunteer for community volunteer hours, he and Isabella remembered when their mom was a patient there. He was impressed by the wonderful care she received and the kindness and compassion of the staff. The siblings love their volunteer work, as it is an opportunity for them to help the staff and return the favor. Twins Kaelin and Jacalyn Mireles are sophomores at Texas A&M University in College Station. Both are pursuing degrees in nursing. They felt volunteering at Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak would be a great opportunity to learn more about nursing operations. Christopher Chaung volunteered at Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak when he was in high school and suggested the idea to his sisters since they are interested in the medical field. So, the three of them registered to volunteer together. Emily and Jennifer both attend Reagan High School. Christopher is at the University of the Incarnate Word. Christopher’s interest is biomedical engineering, so he has learned a lot with his volunteer work with the biomedical department. Emily is interested in becoming a nurse in the NICU, and Jennifer is interested in becoming a pharmacist. A friend of Katie and Kyle Chong volunteered at Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak and had a wonderful experience, so they followed suit. Katie is at The University of Texas at Austin and Kyle is at San Antonio Christian School. They are both interested in the medical field. Katie wants to become a surgeon.