Methodist Healthcare System | Keeping Well | Spring 2018

M E T H O D I S T H E A L T H C A R E — S A N A N T O N I O ● S P R I N G 2 0 1 8 JOIN METHODIST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM In supporting the Walk to End Alzheimer’s® SEE PAGE 5 5 TRACY’S KIDS RECEIVED A SPECIAL VISITOR 7 REGULAR RIDER RECOMMENDS HEALTHBUS 7 TAP DANCING GREAT-GRANDMA HAS A SPECIAL 95TH BIRTHDAY 8 MARCH FOR BABIES: JOIN US ON MAY 6 ® Welcoming guests to the new Methodist Women’s Hospital are, from left, Allen Harrison, CEO, Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children’s Hospital; Jane Appleby, Chief Medical Officer, Methodist Hospital; Elizabeth Ortega, Chief Operating Officer, Methodist Hospital; and Rob Lenza, CEO, Methodist Children’s Hospital and Women’s Services. Community leaders toured the new Methodist Women’s Hospital during a special party in April. Located inside Methodist Hospital, it offers a customized birthing experience with hotel-style amenities, in a luxurious, modern setting. I n SIDE WHEN AUDREY AYALA became pregnant with her third child, she knew the pregnancy would be a com- plicated one, and Methodist Hospital was her choice for providing the best care for her and her baby. She gave birth to Elliana on March 5, 2018. “It was the best delivery I have ever had,” she said. “I knew my baby and I would get everything we needed in one place with the same quality care.” Audrey was diagnosed with lupus in 2015 and received chemotherapy treatment. She knew she would not be able to continue her lupus medications during her pregnancy. At 21 weeks, she was admitted to the oncology floor with a very low white blood cell count. She was relieved when prenatal lupus was ruled out for her baby. Doctors identi- fied a bone marrow abnormality for Audrey, which she will deal with soon. “The nurses reminded me that I was not alone—there were other moms-to-be on the oncology floor, and they told me about a support group,” she said. “They were very understanding and knowledgeable, and I trusted them with my health and with the health of my baby.” Like many South Texas women, Audrey chose Methodist Healthcare. Preferred by more women, Methodist Healthcare has delivered more babies than any other hospital system in San Antonio. “We deliver more when it comes to choice, conve- nience, care and peace of mind for expectant mothers,” said Robert Lenza, CEO, Methodist Children’s Hospital and Women’s Services. OPENING OF METHODIST WOMEN’S HOSPITAL In April, Women’s Services at Methodist Hospital un- derwent a major renovation, creating Methodist Women’s Hospital, located inside Methodist Hospital. The new Methodist Women’s Hospital offers a customized birth- ing experience with hotel-style amenities, in a luxurious, modern setting. Women will have easy access to labor and delivery with valet services 24 hours a day. Dedicated elevators take moms and babies directly from labor and delivery to our mother baby suites. Parking Garage 1 connects di- rectly to the Women’s Hospital making it easy for family and friends to visit. OB pre-admission testing is available the day before scheduled arrival to expedite registration the day of deliv- ery, and private registration rooms are available as well. “We are equipped to take care of the most criti- cal mothers and babies,” said Lenza. “For high-risk pregnancies, we have critical care beds in the same tower, so patients can receive the specialized care they need.” The new luxury suites in- clude sleeping areas for fam- ily members, two bathrooms, specially prepared gourmet meals, an entertainment center, and free Wi-Fi access. Methodist Stone Oak Hospital and Metropolitan Methodist Hospital also are committed to exceptional Women’s Services. Methodist Stone Oak Hospital recently opened their new three-story tower that allows more space for Women’s Services and the NICU. The hospital also recently intro- duced new postpartum suites. The double suites have two bathrooms for dad to join mom during her stay as well as an array of amenities from flat-screen televisions and upgraded linens to a refrigerator fully stocked with water, juices and sodas. Delivering more than 3,000 babies each year, Metropolitan Methodist Hospital, a campus of Methodist Hospital, offers the Suzell Waller Women’s Pavilion, the only stand-alone facility in downtown SanAntonio dedicated to the health of women and their newborn babies. Opened in 2005, it boasts all the comforts you would find in a hotel, as well as a special entrance and admitting area for moms-to-be with 24 labor/delivery/recovery rooms and 52 private rooms, including new private luxury suites. METHODIST HEALTHCARE CONTINUES ITS COMMITMENT TO EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN’S SERVICES WITH THE