Methodist Healthcare System | Keeping Well | Summer 2019

Methodist Healthcare recently honored nine individuals with the 2019 Graceann Durr Methodist Healthcare Humanitarian Awards, recognizing their outstanding commitment to the humanitarian values that are the foun- dation of our organization. Methodist Healthcare established the Graceann Durr Humanitarian Awards in 2009, named in memory of a long-serving and devoted Methodist Healthcare board member. Mrs. Durr was the daughter of G.S. McCreless, who along with four other busi- nessmen donated the land for the building of Methodist Hospital. Throughout her life, Mrs. Durr embraced the value of the human spirit and the duty of each of us to work dili- gently to improve ourselves and others. She remained true to her beliefs of the value of kindness, happiness, thankfulness, giving, integrity and living a life of gentle morality. The winners of the 2019 awards are: MARIE BERKENKAMP, M.D. Children’s Emergency Department Methodist Children’s Hospital Nominated by Stephanie King, B.S.N., R.N., C.P.N, Manager of Advanced Clinicals Methodist Children’s Hospital and Methodist Women’s Hospital Dr. Berkenkamp is the epitome of a physician who cares for someone’s child as her own, whether the child is from the poorest part of Guatemala, Methodist Children’s Hospital ED or from the streets. After dealing with the adversity of the death of her own child, she focused her energies on caring for the children of others. Having served as Chief of Staff at Methodist Children’s Hospital, she is the ultimate child advocate. Her selflessness has been evident in her dedication to her patients, both at Methodist Children’s Hospital and in her work with Shared Beat, bringing medical care and health guidance to the underserved children in Guatemala. The Bexar County Medical Society recently honored her for 35 years of service as a female in medicine. SHAHNILA LATIF, M.D. Pathologist Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital Nominated by J.P. Bartonico, Chief Operating Officer Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital As a pathologist at Methodist Specialty and Trans- plant Hospital, Dr. Shahnila Latif provides critical information that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Much more than a pathologist, she is an exceptional fundraiser, community activist, philan- thropist, networker and volunteer. A member of multiple organizations that influence the care of the underserved here and in her home country of Pakistan, she worked on The Citizens Foundation Fundraising Gala in 2016, rais- ing $220,000 for the education of underprivileged children in Pakistan. In 2013 she helped raise $250,000 locally for underprivileged patients suffering from cancer in Pakistan. Dr. Latif is founder of the Association of Physicians of Pakistani De- scent of North America, South Central Texas chapter. MATTHEW MARTIN, M.D. Medical Director of Laboratory and Pathology Services Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Nominated by Deanee Y. Mejia, Laboratory Director Metropolitan Methodist Hospital As medical director of laboratory service, Dr. Martin embodies our complete mission statement and ev- erything it represents. It is what drives him and his incredible passion to do good in this world. As medical director, he has helped drive goals with a top priority of doing what is “right and best” for our patients. He is a man who has God as the center of everything he does, and his passion is limitless. He is especially passionate about the Methodist Healthcare Laboratory Stewardship team. Through his leadership, the team has made drastic improvements in removing “non-value added” laboratory tests. Dr. Martin influences people to be better each day and to find the good in all that we do, but mainly to connect to our why. METHODIST HEALTHCARE ANNOUNCES WINNERS of 2019 GraceannDurr Methodist Healthcare Humanitarian Awards Physicians K E E P I N G W E L L M e t h o d i s t H e a l t h c a r e 4 S U M M E R 2 0 1 9